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1) What does it mean that witnesses in Mock Trial are NOT sequestered?
2) All of the following are effective tips for witness control on cross exam EXCEPT:
3) How can witnesses score points on cross examination?
4) What rule prohibits speculation?
5) What would be an example of speculation?
6) What rule mandates that proper foundation is laid?
7) Rule 404 discusses:
8) Why is it critical to write down page and line numbers or exhibit reference points when writing parts?
9) How many Grid’s should your team fill out when creating a case theory?
10) Filling out a timeline…
11) Why is it important for witnesses to understand rules of evidence?
12) When asking a conclusion question on cross examination:
13) Witnesses are permitted to:
14) Effective witnesses will show emotion:
15) What rule states the requirements for present sense impression?
16) What rule prohibits evidence that is more prejudicial than probative?
17) Witnesses can prepare for court by:
18) In general evidence of a person's character is not admissible to show:
19) When objection attorneys should cite rule numbers:
20) Lack of Personal Knowledge (602) should be used:

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