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1) What is the most important skill in Mock Trial?
2) What are the 5 standard parts of an opening in order?
3) What is rule 803 (6)?
4) Witnesses are bound by all of the following EXCEPT:
5) Where should the focus be on Direct Examination?
6) What is an example of a closed ended question?
7) What rule allows for statements made by Party Opponents to come into the record?
8) What is Hearsay?
9) When objecting to Hearsay what rule should you cite?
10) What is a good length of time to leave for a rebuttal?
11) What is drawing the sting?
12) What kind of questions should be asked on cross examination?
13) What rule states the qualifications for expert testimony?
14) When should you present your prayer for relief?
15) All of the following are best practices for Mock Trial EXCEPT:
16) When you share your theory with the court you are trying to:
17) What is critical to do during the pre-trial conference?
18) During closing arguments you need to do all of the following EXCEPT:
19) What is one way a witnesses can look less scripted when testifying?
20) All of the following statements about re-direct are true EXCEPT:

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